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Liquid plant nutrition, stimulators and substrates have become essentials in the world of gardening and growing. Whether you’re a home gardening enthusiast or a more experienced cultivator that grows crops on a larger scale, you’ll need the right products for a successful harvest. To meet the demand of versatile and multi-purpose plant nutrition, Wilma’s Lawn & Garden is always developing new products to satisfy the needs of every type of plant or crop. Our continuous research, testing and innovating allows Wilma’s Lawn & Garden to offer a huge collection of premium quality products suitable for any form of cultivation.

Recently, our product range has expanded with some established brands; Atami, B‘Cuzz, ATA and ATA NRG. All these brands have their own high quality products. With this wide choice of universal products, growers are able to tailor the plant nutrition to perfection. Everything can be measured to a specific solution and customized to fit the needs of any individual plant or crop. This versatility of brands and products makes Wilma’s Lawn & Garden the economical choice to get high-quality plant nutrition at a reasonable price.

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Cultivation results

  • Tammy

    Atami products are very suitable for a large variety of flowers. 

  • Tammy

    At Atami we like to test our products on several species of tomatoes like cherry and beef tomatoes. 

  • Tammy

    Atami products are very suitable for plants and flowers, and in this case: great for grass! 

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Inspiration & tips

  • Tammy

    Silicon is one of the most abundant elements on the Earth, however, it is naturally present in a form that isn’t available for the plants. The fertilization with plant-absorbable silicon has been scientifically demonstrated to promote photosynthesis and, mainly, to confer resistance for plants against diseases and stress. Moreover, silicon improves the plants’ nutrient uptake.

  • Tammy

    Phosphorus is an essential element for everything that lives. It plays a key role in metabolism and is a building block of cell walls, DNA and stimulates the root growth of the plant.

  • Tammy

    Plants showing yellowing leaves, browns edges or plants that have seriously weakened? In cases like these most people suspect a shortage of nutrients, but sometimes the exact opposite is true and plants get too many nutrients! How can you possibly recognize this? And how do you solve that problem? Read on and you'll find the answers.