ATA NRG Flavor

ATA NRG Flavor is a bloom additive. Flavor is rich in potassium. It stimulates the blooming readiness of the plants, and provides an exuberant bloom. The plant reacts to the potassium present in the substrate and adjusts the production of the amount of flowering hormones accordingly. 

Potassium (K) is a significant contributor to an optimal sap flow in the plant. It causes the plant to develop a thicker trunk and sturdy branches, which ultimately will result in a better harvest. Potassium also stimulates the sugar production in the flowers, from which will benefit the smell and taste of the finished product. 

ATA NRG Flavor is suitable for all substrates, directly absorbable by the plant and contains no roughage. It is an ideal fertilizer for growing almost all crops on soil, hydro or coco substrate. When using irrigation systems, ATA NRG Flavor can only be administered manually with a watering can. Otherwise there is a risk of clogging.

This universal nutrient is suitable for many crops like different kinds of vegetables and fruits like sweet peppers, cherry tomatoes, strawberries, melons, raspberries etc. Experienced growers can measure the required dosage per plant, based on the NPK-values.

• Suitable for all substrates
• Directly absorbable
• Exuberant bloom
Cultivation style soil, coco, hydro
Type of plant nutrition additive
Brand Name ATA NRG
Suitable for in & outside
K-Value 7
0.5 - 1 ml per litre of nutrient solution.

Grow tips
Add in the last 2 weeks of the flowering phase. Not suitable for irrigation systems!