ATA Rootfast

Rootfast is a universal root stimulator and particularly important for a good and healthy development of the plant. Unlike most root stimulators, Rootfast does have NPK values and contains a high content of phosphorus.

The formation of the root system is especially important during the first weeks of the plant, because the stronger and more effective the roots, the stronger the plant is and the better it is resistant against diseases and harmful fungi.

The plant extracts, humic acids and amino acids provide an increased resistance of the plant. During the first two weeks the plant can develop more, bigger and stronger roots.

This universal nutrient is suitable for many crops like different kinds of vegetables and fruits like potatoes and sweet potatoes. It can also be used for flowering ornamental plants (e.g., Chrysanthemum, Tulips, Muscari). Experienced growers can measure the required dosage per plant, based on the NPK-values.

• High in phosphorous
• Contains NPK’s
• Strong, healthy roots
Cultivation style soil, coco, hydro
Type of plant nutrition stimulators
Brand Name ATA
Suitable for in & outside
P-Value 5
1 ml per litre of nutrient solution.

Grow tips
Add during weeks 1 and 2 daily to the plant with each irrigation cycle.

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