Atami Kilomix

Kilomix is a high quality substrate, comprised of a mix of different types of high quality peat, perlite and enriched with natural and biological nutrients (like guano, lime and organic fertilizers). These nutrients guarantee an optimal start for your plants for at least 6 weeks. Thanks to its well-balanced composition, this soil ensures for a perfect air/water ratio, whether in dry or humid conditions. 

Excess water drains easily. Water distribution is balanced in the pot which facilitates plant watering.  KILOMIX ensures optimal development of both the root and the upper part of plant material.  The plant will show you the difference!

Kilomix is a more heavily fertilized soil substrate in comparison with the Janeco-Light-Mix. Kilomix therefore contains everything the plants needs and the chance of shortages is almost nil. Because the right proportions of the fertilizers have been determined in a professional manner, there is a constant supply of important nutrients over a longer period. It is a true pleasure for each plant to be able to develop on such a rich underground!

• Pre fertilized 
• Optimal plant development
• Decreased chance of shortages
Brand Name Atami
Cultivation style soil
Suitable for in & outside

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