Atami Worm Delight

Worm Delight is a soil improver based on worm manure. It is rich in different kinds of micro-organisms, nutrients and organic matter. This combination ensures a healthy root environment. 

A plant with a healthy root environment has an optimal growth, a better root development, compact leaf growth and abundant flowering. It also offers natural protection against root diseases, since pathogenic fungi and bacteria have “no room” to grow.

Especially when growing organically it is important to add micro-organisms. The micro-organisms break down the organic fertilisers, which enables them to become available for the plant. This makes Worm Delight the ideal combination with ATA NRG Upgrade, but also think of Flavor or Growth-C!

Worm Delight also contains minerals and trace elements and like nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, iron and boron, that can be immediately absorbed by the plant. These minerals contribute to exceptional growth (nitrogen) and flower production (phosphorus and potassium).

• Healthy root environment
• Soil improver 
• Immediately absorbable nutrients
Brand Name Atami
Cultivation style soil
Suitable for in & outside

Henrik Priester

Thank you Atami! I planted 100m2 blackberries on a soil mix of Bi Growmix, Worm Delight and Upgrade. I am super happy with the results! Also, I planted a Hydrangea on Bi Growmix and this one is doing very good as well!

A few weeks ago we made a little flower garden with a mixture of Bi Growmix and Worm Delight. In this garden we placed some new plants, but also some repotted some old plants in order to see if these would blossom again. The hydrangea were completely dead, but we were completely surprised when we saw new flower buds! We also seeded some seeds and these are now germinating already! Thank you Atami!