B'cuzz 1-component

B’cuzz 1-Component is a universal complete mineral plant nutrient solution with a well-balanced NPK ratio. The 1- component nutrition contains red iron chelate which provides the plant to absorb the nutrients to the max, besides this it doesn’t contain any ballast substances. 

The NPK ratio will result in a nutrient which is easy to combine with boosters and stimulators.  You can use the 1-Component nutrition the entire life cycle, it will support the flowering phase and also provides a healthy medium. In other words an ideal nutrition that is easy in use and economical in use. B’cuzz 1-Component was developed for various types of calcium rich substrates. 1-Component does not contain any Calcium, because calcareous soil naturally contains Calcium. In addition, many types of soil and peat retain nutrients reasonably well (this does vary per soil type). Some sandy soils have a relatively large amount of Calcium (lime), however some other elements often flush through them. 

Also tap or groundwater often contain higher amounts of Calcium and Magnesium, which can make the choice of 1-Component a good one. Micronutrients are somewhat higher in 1-Component. This is to support the plants in slightly poorer (sandy) soils.

Suitable for many different kinds of vegetables, fruits and herbs like cauliflower, grapes and rosemary. It can also be used for in- and outdoor plants (e.g., geranium and orchids).

• Easy to use
• One product for grow cycle and flowering phase
• Balanced NPK ratio
Cultivation style soil
Type of plant nutrition basic nutrients
Brand Name B'cuzz
Suitable for in & outside
N-Value 2
P-Value 3
K-Value 5
Use 5ml 1-Component Soil Nutrition on 1 litre of nutrient solution. Halve the dosage at the beginning of the cycle. Once a week only give the nutrient solution without any nutrients.

Grow tips
Especially developed for calcareous soils.