Bio-Defence 1

With the biological strengthening of B’cuzz Bio-Defence 1&2 the plant is ensured that larvae, insects and fungi don’t stand a chance. Bio-Defence 1&2 is sprayed on the leaves which absorb the solution easily.

As a result the plant is much less attractive to many pests and diseases and will be left alone. Spraying the plants with an insect repellent is an important precautionary  measure for a successful cultivation.

Very often plants already are effected by insects or larvae without us growers even realizing or noticing it. The precautionary spraying of the crop is recommended in many cases. Avoid problems and do not get caught with your pants down! Make sure you take precautionary measures and use B’cuzz Bi-Defense 1&2 to protect your plants. 

• Preventive and curative
• Easy to use
Cultivation style soil, coco, hydro
Type of plant nutrition additive
Brand Name B'cuzz
Suitable for in & outside
Grow tips
B'cuzz Bio Defence 1&2 are spraying solutions which are to be mixed at the same time, along with water. Spray weekly.