Bonsai-1 Autumn/Winter

At the break of autumn, around the month of September, the growth of the bonsai in the open air should be inhibited so that the tree may preserve her energy in the form of reserves to get through the winter (hardening). Wilma’s Lawn & Garden Bonsai 1 autumn / winter nutrition was developed specifically for this stage. 

This specially formulated nutrient for outside bonsai, provides increased resistance and vital preparation of the bonsai on the cold outdoor temperature and winter precipitation in the fall and winter period. As autumn approaches the Bonsai has less and less need for nitrogen and requires a different composition of the fertilizer. The Bonsai 1 autumn/winter nutrition contains essential ingredients and a rich mix of trace elements that provide additional reserves for the approaching winter. Other important ingredients during the autumn nourishment are for instance phosphate and potassium. Phosphate contributes to strong roots and also allows for adequate generation of new hair roots, so that the root system of the plant is more resistant to diseases and lower temperatures. Potassium not only provides extra resilience, but also keeps the root system strong and healthy and reduces the chance for the bonsai to contract a common form of root rot. This ensures that your bonsai is strong and healthy this winter!
Brand Name Wilma's Lawn and Garden