Bonsai-2 Spring/Summer

As soon as spring is upon us and your bonsai trees come out of hibernation and start sprouting, the time has come to fertilize them. During early spring, the bonsai trees need a nitrogen-rich fertilizer, this is to stimulate growth. By regularly and properly fertilizing you ensure a healthy and controlled growth of the bonsai. Proper fertilization is of great importance for both indoor and outdoor bonsai trees. 

The indoor bonsai is often kept in a small pot with little available nutrients and soil which will quickly be exhausted. For the outdoor bonsai, factors such as heavy rainfall, surrounding plants and trees play an important role, which is why your bonsai will require additional fertilizers in this situation. By using Wilma’s Lawn & Garden Bonsai 2 nutrition the bonsai gets all the necessary nutrients and minerals during the growth period. The active fertilizers are available for an extended period and the high dosage of nitrogen and additional ingredients such as calcium and iron, ensure a rapid and equal growth. Furthermore iron provides an improved production of chlorophyll, making the leaves of your bonsai looking fresh and healthy!
Brand Name Wilma's Lawn and Garden