After the introduction of Cocolite-11 Wilma’s Lawn & Garden now proudly presents Cocolite-22. This substrate is somewhat similar to the Cocolite-11, but is considerably airier due to the addition of extra perlite. The balanced substrate Cocolite-22 is specially designed for the cultivation of fruits, flowers, vegetables, plants and orchids. 

Outside gardening gives you less control over for instance the amount of rainfall, it may be useful to provide extra drainage. When coco has to deal with an excess of water this has an adverse effect on your plants. The growth of your plants will subsequently be stunted, something a grower wants to prevent as much as possible. This is something Wilma’s Lawn & Garden has taken into account, and why we have added additional perlite to the Cocolite-22. The drainage of the substrate it improves significantly. This allows for excess (rain) water to be easily disposed of, keeping your crop from experiencing any hindrance overwatering. Due to the good draining properties of Cocolite-22, this growth medium is also very suitable for automatic irrigation systems. Due to the fact these systems use a lot more water it is important that the excess water can flow away easily because of the airy properties of the substrate. Not surprisingly Cocolite-22 key features are a high oxygen admissibility, optimum airiness of the substrate and a rapid drainage of excess water!
Brand Name Wilma's Lawn and Garden