Atami products are very suitable for plants and flowers, and in this case: great for grass! On these pictures you can see a grass lawn over the course of two weeks.

At the beginning of this test we’ve added a mixture of Cocos Substrate and Worm Delight with a 50/50 ratio. After mixing these together we’ve evenly distributed the mixture over the lawn. Afterwards we have thoroughly irrigated the grass to make sure the mixture gets optimally absorbed by the soil.



Why did we choose the mixture of Cocos and Worm Delight? The Cocos makes the substrate airy, helping the roots to develop better and give the roots as much room as possible to branch out. The Worm Delight is a soil conditioner based on worm manure. This is very rich in micro-organisms, nutrients and organic substances, to create a perfect root environment. The micro-organisms in Worm Delight break down the organic fertilizers in the substrate so they can be more easily absorbed by the plant.

The results after just two weeks: The yellow parts of the lawn have disappeared and the bald spots have gotten smaller, thanks to the growth of new grass!