Atami products are very suitable for a large variety of flowers. In this product test we chose the hollyhock as our testing subject. This Hollyhock has been cultivated from the seed. These seeds have been placed between moist tissues and kept in the refrigerator for two weeks. Then they were transferred to the Wilma Plug Unit system and potted to the Janeco Light-Mix.




Janeco Light-Mix consists of several types of turf and is enriched with perlite. These different types of turf support the growth of plant while the addition of perlite helps with the water distribution and contributes to the airiness of the substrate. This airiness is essential for the development of roots and increases the absorption of nutrients, for a stronger and more resilient plant.



The young plants has received our B’Cuzz Root Stimulator nutrient twice. This nutrient makes it easier for the young plant to absorb nutrients, making it even stronger. We also added B’Cuzz Soil A&B to the Hollyhock. Soil A&B contains a variety of mineral nutrients that allow the substrate to keep a stable and biological balance. This additive contains every necessary nutrient to support the entire growth cycle.

After three months, the hollyhock plant was places outside. As you can see on the pictures, the plant has grown immensely and the roots are well developed.