Bloombastic is our universal quality cocktail that has often been tested on several species of flowers and plants. It’s composed of mineral and organic additives with plant-based origins, which makes it perfect for the blooming and ripening stages (4-6 weeks) of the plants growing cycle.



It’s evident that Bloombastic works great with orchids, as you can tell by the pictures below. With the help of Bloombastic, this orchid grew an explosive amount of flower buds and flowers. Bloombastic also increased the sugar content of crops, flowers and plants. Which in this case has allowed the orchid to grow big, sweet-smelling flowers.

Bloombastic is suitable for many vegetables, fruits and herbs like chilipeppers, strawberries and blueberries. But it also works great on ornamental flowers and plants like violets and orchids. The more experienced grower can measure the right dosage per plant with the help of the NPK-values.