Green Plant Nutrition

Plants like people need proper care and nutrition to get and remain healthy and strong. Wilma’s Lawn & Garden Green Plant Nutrition additional iron and magnesium which stimulates the plant in developing further. Our Green Plant Nutrition will give your plants beautiful green leaves and a fresh and healthy appearance!

It creates strong plants with beautiful green leaves and a fresh and healthy appearance! Iron is an essential element to the plant and stimulates the production of chlorophyll in the leaves. Iron plays an unmistakable key-role role in photosynthesis and thus in energy production in the plant. Green Plant Nutrition contains liquid iron chelate, which is directly available to the plant. The added iron has a positive effect on the production of certain enzymes in the plant. Furthermore, the higher iron content ensures that oxygen is more easily transported to the plant cells for the storage of energy. Some plant species thrive particularly well with higher levels of iron in their diet. Some plant species are considered real “iron munchers” by professional gardeners. Wilma ‘s Lawn & Garden, complete Green Plant Nutrition is ideally suited to provide the crop with additional iron and magnesium, to eliminate and prevent deficits. Magnesium is essential for the development of the leaves and promotes the formation of substances such as sugars, proteins and starch. Consequently your plants will get larger and more colourful leaves giving them a vital and fresh appearance!
Brand Name Wilma's Lawn and Garden