Orchid Nutrition

The orchid is the most famous house plant in the Netherlands. Orchids are native to Australia and Southeast Asia and are a symbol of love and beauty. This subtropical plant owes its popularity to its impressive flowers and colour diversity. Orchids bloom usually once a year. Over the years, more and more orchid species have become available that bloom up to three times a year and can bloom from two up to six months.

Because of frequent and long flowering periods it is recommended to use Wilma’s Lawn & Garden Orchid Nutrition. Your orchids are ensured, they get exactly what they need and they can grow optimally and thrive. During the growth period your Orchid mainly requires a high dosage of nitrogen, as this will contribute to the rapid development of new growth shoots. The well balanced Orchid Nutrition from Wilma’s Lawn & Garden contains everything your orchid needs. For instance the various trace elements and the added iron ensure for strong and green leaves. Furthermore our Orchid Nutrition contains additional Sulphur which contributes to creating a strong and resilient plant. The added phosphorus is mainly used by the orchid to bloom long and exuberant.
Brand Name Wilma's Lawn and Garden