Root Nutrition

This root nutrition is extremely suitable for cuttings and plants that are being repotted. Wilma’s Root Nutrition helps the plant to develop a good root system, which in turn leads to strong and healthy plants. The root nutrition can also be used when the plant is affected by root eating insects in order to repair the roots.

One of the most important factors in relation to root formation is the amount of available phosphor. Phosphor is mainly found in soil in the form of phosphate, an immobile form. 
The result is that the phosphate is not distributed well over the soil. A plant that does not have enough phosphor will adjust its root system in order to find phosphate. This type of root development is anything but ideal, because it often roots less deep as compared to healthy plants. Adding extra phosphate is the way to ensure that root systems develop well. 

Phosphate is not the only component of the nutrition that supports the root development. A vegetable extract that we added stimulates the plant’s root formation. It will give the plant a large and well developed root system that it can use to better meet its need for nutrients. To put it briefly, the plant will get an advantage that will benefit you!

We recommend that you give the Root Nutrition once during the first 2 weeks when watering the plant. After the root nutrition can be replaced by Wilma-1 Basic and Wilma-2 Growth.
Brand Name Wilma's Lawn and Garden