Let your plants shine!

Liquid plant nutrition, stimulators and substrates have become essentials in the world of gardening and growing. Whether you’re a home gardening enthusiast or a more experienced cultivator that grows crops on a larger scale, you’ll need the right products for a successful harvest. To meet the demand of versatile and multi-purpose plant nutrition, Wilma’s Lawn & Garden is always developing new products to satisfy the needs of every type of plant or crop. Our continuous research, testing and innovating allows Wilma’s Lawn & Garden to offer a huge collection of premium quality products suitable for any form of cultivation.

Recently, our product range has expanded with some established brands; Atami, B‘Cuzz, ATA and ATA NRG. All these brands have their own high quality products. With this wide choice of universal products, growers are able to tailor the plant nutrition to perfection. Everything can be measured to a specific solution and customized to fit the needs of any individual plant or crop. This versatility of brands and products makes Wilma’s Lawn & Garden the economical choice to get high-quality plant nutrition at a reasonable price.

Next to the right nutrition it’s very important to grow your crops in high quality substrates. We offer a wide range of rich substrates for any type of gardening or growing. You can choose the perfect mix of substrate and nutrient. If you like to grow on Hydro substrates, we also have the “Wilma Systems” which are designed with a built in automatic watering system.

With this wide product range, we strive to supply any gardener and grower with the right tools for the best possible results. We are very committed to being sustainable and environmentally friendly. We do this with our ATA NRG line, for the eco-friendly gardeners and growers. Some of our products are already biologically ‘Certified’ and we’re on our way to use 100% recycled packaging materials.

And most importantly: we are here to help you! We understand that no plant or crop is the same and every gardener or grower has their own goals and results in mind. That’s why it’s important for us to support every method of cultivation. Whether you’re a hobby gardener that wants the most beautiful rosebush, or a more experienced grower who wants the biggest and best harvest possible. Wilma’s Lawn & Garden is always ready to advise you about our products, share knowledge on plants and crops or answer any of your questions. Together, we let your plants shine!