The value of silicon

Silicon is the most common element in the soil. However, plants can only absorb a smidgen of it. For a very long time the general belief was that silicon held no particular value for plants at all. Little did we know, since research now shows that when given extra silicon many crops absolutely flourish, are much stronger and are also better equipped to withstand demanding weather effects and certain diseases.

So, silicon most certainly is beneficial to plants in their growing-phases as it stimulates the development of strong cell-walls, which in turn ensure the growth of stronger and sturdier stems and branches. Moreover, silicon makes plants more resilient to moulds and weather conditions like frost and drought. It also helps them to take up important nutrients like phosphor, which is vital for photosynthesis and the development of root-systems. Naturally we made sure that plants can absorb the silicon in Silic Boost quite easily.

When do I give Silic Boost?

The silicon in Silic Boost helps all plants in their growing-phases to develop strong cell-walls. So give this booster during these growing-phases, as it's an ideal addition to your feeding programme. It may be given on a daily basis.

Is Silic boost suitable for all substrates?

Soil-, coir- and hydro-substrates contain next to nil silicon, making Silic Boost a perfect addition to any substrate.

How do I use Silic Boost?

Silic Boost is a highly concentrated liquid, so you need only very little at a time. Use 0,1 ml per litre of water or per litre of feed solution. Stir very well before use.

All Silic Boost's advantages:

  • Stronger and sturdier stems and side-shoots
  • Better distribution and intake of nutrients 
  • Better protection against moulds and weather conditions such as drought and frost
  • Suitable for all crops and substrates

The advantage of boosters

During their different growing-phases all plants show particular needs. You can fulfil those needs by giving your plants suitable nutrients and stimulators, and boosters too. A booster is an addition to your feeding programme and gives plants a specific boost, aka a ''pick-me-up''.