Easy plant growing using the WILMA growing system

The WILMA growing system is a wonderfully easy to use tool when growing plants, saving you lots of time and effort as watering is a thing of the past.  Let us explain what its advantages are and how this system works.


What does it do?

Thet WILMA growing system is an integrated system for growing plants, automatically providing them with water. It consist of a reservoir with potted plants - varying in size - placed above. After filling the reservoir, water is being transported to a container tank and automatically pumped to the plants.This saves a considerable amount of time and effort, since you no longer have to water them; instead, you know for certain plants receive sufficient moisture at all times.

Several options available

Ten different varieties of this growing system are available. The smallest type consists of 8 small pots with a capacity of 1,65 liters each, making it very useful for growing cuttings or seedlings.The largest variety consists of 20 pots with a capacity of 6,5 liters each. Effectively, there's a system for any room, place or area; furthermore, these lightweight systems are quite easy to move around. All varieties are suitable for inside and outside use.

How do I use it?

Installing a WILMA system is exceptionally easy as it will be delivered as a complete set, including the reservoir, tray for the plant pots, pump, water hoses and pots, in any size you wish for. The only thing you need to do is to add the substrate and plant feed of your choice.

Installing a WILMA system:

  • Assemble the pump
  • Place the tray on the reservoir
  • Put the (large) water hose in its place
  • Connect this water hose to the pump
  • Connect the smaller hoses to the large water hose
  • Firmly fix the blue pens at the end of the smaller hoses
  • Put the plant pots in the system
  • Use the red cap to close the tank

After having completed these steps the system is ready for use and you can fill the pots. Then fill the tank with water, adding plant feed.

Which substrates and plant feeds are suitable for WILMA growing systems?

In principle you can apply all sorts of substrate when using this system; both soil substrates and coir substrates are suitable for this hydro culture system, as are hydro grains.

More info on growing in different sorts of substrate? Do read our articles on soil substrates, coir substrates and hydro substrates.

We strongly suggest you to add pant feed (fertilizers) to the water to promote optimum plant growth. Since you add these fertilizers to the water, liquid feeds are most adequate. Atami offers all kinds of liquid plant fertilizers. Which to use depends on the substrate of your choice. Do use our choice supportto find out which feed is best.