Greenhouse location, and what to consider

After choosing your greenhouse, it is time to put it in your garden! Do reflect beforehand on weather elements (sun, wind-direction) and other practical considerations like shelter, so you can fully enjoy using your greenhouse.


Make way for the sun

Sunlight is one of the key factors when deciding on where to put your greenhouse, as it brings warmth and light into it, two indispensible conditions for good plant growth. No sunlight means no photosynthesis, causing plants to lack in growth, flowering en setting fruit.


Greenhouses lengthen the summer season

By creating a higher temperature in your greenhouse, you are able to (pre)sow very early on in spring. In autumn you may stretch harvesting tomatoes, red and green peppers, eggplants etc. into October or even early November! So, do put your greenhouse in the sunniest spot of your garden, allowing a maximum amount of light in. And keep it far removed from high hedges, trees and walls.

Be aware of wind-direction; provide shelter

When deciding on your greenhouse location, prevent it being damaged by wind, so avoid an open field. Rather choose a sheltered spot near the wind-free side of your house or shed. No sheltered, sunny spot at all? Create your own shelter by planting a hedge at a distance of about 3 metres and allow it to grow to 2 metres max. Do restrict its distance and height to 3 resp. 2 metres in order to avoid shade in the greenhouse.

What will you use your greenhouse for?

Try to visualize what you are going to grow in your greenhouse before positioning it. Will you only use it for growing plants in spring? Or do you want to make use of it all summer long? Or grow and harvest vegetables and fruit all year round? In that case you had better put it next to your house, for when it's cold outside, you might come to hate those few extra steps to the back of your garden… In any event, positioning your greenhouse far away from the house may cause you to neglect plants in your greenhouse or even the greenhouse itself. Besides, the warmth exuding from your house helps to maintain or heighten greenhouse temperatures. And consider this: should you use your greenhouse for growing plants in early spring only, you might not even need to position it quite near to your house. But of course, we wouldn't want to impose, this is entirely up to you.


Electricity in the greenhouse

In spring, autumn or on cloudy days plants profit from extra light, easily provided for by greenhouse lighting. All sorts of grow lights are available, either large or small, rectangular or square, offering orange, yellow or white light. Each and every light colour has its own function. Does greenhouse lighting sound interesting to you? Make sure there is electricity in or near the greenhouse. Please take care that power points or (preferably) earthed sockets are installed on a spot free from exposure to (dripping) (rain)water.