Growing plants in soil substrate

Substrate is an umbrella word for all sorts of culture mediums. A well-known medium is potting soil, but there is a wide range of varied culture mediums available, such as soil or coco mediums and hydro granules. In this article we aim to inform you about soil substrate and how to use it.


What is soil substrate?

The best-known form is potting soil, mostly containing peat; all soil substrates on the market have their own particuliar characteristics. Hence the value in gaining information on the particular soil substrate you wish to grow your plants or crops in, enabling you to make the right choice. We at Atami offer you Jeneco Lightmix, Bi Growmix and Kilomix. They specifically differ in the amount of nutrients used.

Janeco Light-mix: this soil substrate contains modest amounts of nutrients, which makes it suitable for almost all plants. Even plants with specific needs can be grown in this mix, since you cannot possibly overfertilize them. Janeco lightmix contains perlite, a porous volcanic material (tiny white balls) which keeps this mix nice and airy, important for developing good root-systems. By growing plants in this substrate you give them a good start: fertilizing during the first three weeks is not necessary at all. 


Bi Grow Mix: this substrate is an airy mix of various types of peat and coconut fiber, which make this mix especially light, so plantroot-systems can absorb more oxygen, which stimulates root-forming. The mix contains an average amount of nutrients, with starter feed added to give plants the best possible start. Offer plants liquid feed after the initial period, the timing of which depends on pot-size and the number of plants concerned.

Kilomix: contains more nutrients than other soil substrates, such as worm castings, lime and many organic nutrients, providing plants with their every need for a relatively long time. Peat and perlite in Kilomix help this substrate to remain airy, thereby avoiding soil compression, enabling plantroots to obtain sufficient oxygen and allowing water to flow away quickly and freely.

Improving substrates

As a general rule we have already added some nutrients to our substrates, in order to give plants a healthy start, but it's up to you to continue feeding them. Only then your plants will remain healthy, flower and/or fruit abundantly and provide rich harvests. Why not use wormcastings for that purpose? Scatter this wonderful soil conditioner as a top soil on your chosen substrate. Worm castings are rich in micro-organisms that stimulate firm growth, abundant flowering and profound root development. It also provides protection from mould and keeps substrates light and airy. 



Another soil conditioner is ATA NRG Upgrade. This fertilizer is made of vegetable material and rock phosphate, making it perfectly acceptable for organic growers. Upgrade is rich in natural nitrogen, essential for healthy growth. Furthermore Upgrade helps plants to extract phosphorus from the soil. Before planting or sowing mix this upgrade (to be used as a basic feed) through your chosen substrate. Alternatively, scatter it over the substrate.

Choice support

Would you like our help? As Atami offers so many different plant feeds and fertilizers you might wish to know which ones are best for your plants or crops. In that case please use our choice support.

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