Growing strong and sturdy plants with ATA NRG Root-C

The organic stimulator ATA NRG Root-C encourages root forming, and prevents development of nasty soil diseases. As ATA NRG Root-C consists of natural substances, it can be used by organic gardeners too.


Use ATA NRG Root-C for growth and resistance

A healthy root system is vital for growth and development of plants, as plants take in nutrients through their roots. ATA NRG Root-C ensures good root growth and increases resistance to diseases.

How exactly does this stimulator work?

ATA NRG Root-C promotes quick and vigorous growth of root systems. Roots will also branch out more rapidly, thus enhancing the volume of the root system enormously and offering plants more footing. Eventually this results in more volume above soil level too: well-rooted plants are sturdy and strong, which also shows in the flowering phase: plants will simply form more clusters of flowers. And that, we are sure, will make all growers happy.

Soil-borne diseases prevented byATA NRG Root-C

Next to stimulating root growth, ATA NRG Root-C  prevents the formation of soil-borne diseases such as Pythium, Fusarium and root lice. These affect your plants and are highly contagious. Pythium and Fusarium are fungal diseases, spreading through the soil, both affecting plant roots. Root lice are related to aphids, but during a part of their life cycle live below soil level, sucking juices from roots.

Once one or more of these diseases have managed to establish themselves, it's very hard to get rid of them. Prevention is better than cure, so a preventative substance such as ATA NRG Root-C helps you to tackle these diseases before they become a plague.

When do I offer this stimulator to my plants?

As ATA NRG Root-C stimulates root growth, it is especially valuable during the germination and early growing stages, when plants form their roots. So add some ATA NRG Root-C to your regular plant feed diluted in water.

Please note: stimulator cannot replace basic plant feed, as it doesn't contain straightforward nutrients. However, it does contain substances which positively influence plants or soil organisms to form (root) growth.


    Dosage of ATA NRG Root-C

    A correct dosage is 1-5 ml per litre of plant feed. Shake well before use and keep all our stimulators at room temperature.

    May ATA NRG Root-C  be used on all substrates?

    Most certainly. ATA NRG Root-C can be used on soil-,coir-andhydro-substrates, in short:on all of them!

    Perfectly suitable for use by organic gardeners!

    This stimulator consists of natural additives making it a environmentally friendly substance. So for organic gardeners too ATA NRG Root-C is a perfectly safe and sustainable option when growing plants.

    The benefits of stimulators

    Stimulators help plants form tough cell structures, leading to better resistance in plants, making them stronger and sturdier and causing them to suffer much less from plagues and diseases. Next to that, stimulators help plants to absorb nutrients in the best possible way. Read on about the benefits of stimulators.