Which phases are there?

All plants grow in various phases; in each and every phase plants show different needs, which you can meet. So it's vital knowing in which phase plants find themselves. Only then can you offer them the very best care.
We distinguish these 5 phases: germination, growth, ready to bloom, flowering and ripening.

  • Phase 1 - Germination
    During germination plantlife starts. Hopefully your plants will flourish and bring rich harvests. In this stage seeds germinate and take root. To give germinating plants the best possible start, we advise you to strengthen them with Root Stimulator, which helps plants to form strong roots that will fully absorb nutrients from the soil later on.
  • Phase 2 - Growth
    In this stage plants will grow upwards and form their root systems. Plants usually develop a sturdy main root and several sideshoots, strong enough to carry many flowers or fruit in a later stage. Use good potting soil or homemade leaf mould when seedlings are strong enough to prick them out .Potting soil contains enough nutrients to last your seedlings over the first few weeks. Help young plants along by regularly giving them liquid feed into their water, for instance B'Cuzz Soil A & B. This bio-mineral feed contains all nutrients your plants need in this stage.
  • Phase 3 - Ready to bloom
    During this phase plants normally stop growing as they prepare to enter into their flowering period. Now you can give them Bloom Stimulator which forces early flowering.
  • Phase 4 - Flowering
    Your plants are now in full bloom; soon you will reap the fruits of your hard labours. Of course, you aim for bright, colourful and good quality flowers which will turn into  strong, fruity crops and a rich harvest. Prolong this flowering phase by providing your plants with feed, using bloom boosters and stimulators. These feeds specifically focus on flowering and meet all needs plants might have. For this particular purpose ATAMI offers Blossom Builder Liquid, a stimulator to be used during the last stage of the flowering period and the start of the ripening period. It boosts the structure of flowers and fruits.
  • Phase 5 - Ripening
    Hard work is rewarded - during this phase all plant-energy is routed to the ripening phase of fruits and seeds. Now support your plants with ATA Bloombastic, a high-grade booster for the flowering stage of plants, helping to achieve rich harvests.


Ultimately what counts is to observe your plants carefully and in doing so you'll discover their needs. Offer them the right feed at the right time, water them regularly and give them ample light so they can thrive and achieve their fullest potential. For our full range of plant feeds click here.