Frequently asked questions

Which booster would you recommend an experienced cultivator to use for cultivating on hydro during the growth phase?
B’cuzz Hydro Booster Universal

Which product would you recommend to keep irrigation systems in good condition and why?
Ata Clean because it prevents and removes calcium, iron phosphate and algae

What can a cultivator do to stimulate the soil life?
Add Atazyme to break down dead plants and root remains in the substrate

What is the main function of Alga-C?
It helps to prevent stress for the plant and it ensures that all the nutritional needs of the plants are met.

Which number of NPK is the most important during the growth phase and why?  
The N from Nitrogen because is the most import need during the growth stage as it provides stem and foliage

Is ATA XL growth or bloom nutrition?

How many hours of light per day does a plant need during the growth stage?
Approximately 18 hours light per day