Frequently asked questions

Which are the three Atami brands and their characteristics?
- B’cuzz: for the experienced grower who wants a maximum return from his crop. For fruit with a deliciously sweet smell and taste
- ATA: for the grower who wants to grow easily and swiftly, but still want a good end result. Return for a good price-quality ratio
- ATA NRG: for the environmentally conscious grower with a keen eye for the taste and smell of his finished product

What is the expiring date of a sealed liquid product and what can you tell about the ideal stock circumstances?
The quality remains guaranteed for at least two years after the production date. The ideal stock circumstances are a dry, dark place with a temperature in between 5 – 30 degrees

What do the numbers NPK represent and what’s the purpose of each number?
Nitrogen helps plant foliage to grow strong.
Phosphorous helps roots and flowers grow and develop
Potassium (Potash) is important for overall plant health

What is the perfect pH value range in terms of nutrition absorption?
A value in between 5,5 – 6,5

Which nutrition would you recommend a budget cultivator to use for cultivating on hydro during the seed / clone phase?
ATA Awa Leaves A & Awa Leaves B

Which nutrition would you recommend a experienced cultivator to use for cultivating on Coco during the seed / clone phase?
Coco A & B

Which root stimulator is the most powerful and why?
ATA Rootbastic because of its NPK 4-14-4

Which products would you recommend an environmentally conscious cultivator to use for cultivating on soil during the seed / clone phase?
Root-C and Growth-C

Why is there a 1-Component soil nutrition beside the two component soil nutrition (Soil A & B)?
B'cuzz 1-Component soil nutrition is especially suitable when you use your substrate for the very first time because it’s especially developed calcium-rich substrates

Which nutrients are not liquid?  
The B’cuzz Premium Plant Powder series

Which root stimulator would you recommend to a budget cultivator?
ATA Rootfast (price/quality) or ATA Rootbastic (highly concentrated)

Why is it that most nutrients exist out of two components (A & B)?
This is due to the calcium concentration. Otherwise the bottles could swell up etc.

When using two-component nutrition you should pay special attention to what?
That most of the two-component nutrition can only be used when A & B are mixed together in water simultaneously

Which nutrition would you recommend a hydro cultivator to use with a non-recirculation system?
Hydro A & B because this nutrition is meant for run to waste systems

What is the main purpose of ATA Clean?
It prevents and removes calcium, iron phosphate and algae residue to guarantee an optimum irrigation system in good condition.

Where can you find additional information about the potential hazards of the nutrition products?
In the Safety Data Sheet (SDS)