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Insofar as legally permitted, Wilma's Lawn & Garden B.V., including her employees and officials, excludes every kind of liability causing damage, direct and/or indirect, somewhat originated and/or arising from your use of the website or another linked website. More particularly Wilma's Lawn & Garden B.V. is not liable for any kind of damage that is caused and or arises by:

  • Actions taken by you, that were prompted by placed information on the website.
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  • The fact that some information on the website is incorrect, not complete or not current.


Linked websites

The website could contain references (e.g. by the use of a hyperlink, banner or button) to other websites who are related to a specific aspect of this website. This doesn’t mean that Wilma's Lawn & Garden B.V. is automatically connected to these other sites or owners of it. We are not responsible for these other websites including the information stated there.

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