Vegetable garden-1

Every gardener strives for a healthy and beautiful looking vegetable garden. Just as people, crops in a vegetable garden, also need the right care and nutrition to stay healthy and strong. Wilma’s Vegetable Garden Nutrition-1 stimulates optimal growth that results into powerful and vital herbs. 

The power of Wilma’s Vegetable Garden-1 lies in the high level of nitrogen. In the early stages of development plants mainly require large amounts of Nitrogen, as this plays a crucial role in the formation of chloroplasts. Chloroplasts, also called chlorophylls, not only ensure your garden looks nice and green in summer time, it is also the plant component where the photosynthesis takes place. Because of sunlight, chlorophylls are able to convert carbon dioxide and water into sugar, which provides the plant with the energy it needs to grow. It is not surprising that plants that receive sufficient nitrogen are healthier, larger and more beautiful than other plants. 

The high nitrogen level in this vegetable garden nutrition is, however, not the only interesting component. Because the nutrition is based on natural organic compounds, it not only produces healthy plants, but it makes the garden in general more healthy. The organic compounds also feed the bacteria and good fungi that naturally occur in your garden. These micro-organisms will in turn benefit your plants. They can, for example, have a symbiotic relationship with the root system of the plant. This symbiosis actually means that they help each other in a similar way as the relationship between intestinal bacteria and humans. In exchange for some sugars, these bacteria will ensure that other nutrients are evenly available for the plant. 

We therefore recommend you use Wilma Vegetable Garden-1 for all plants in your vegetable garden that are busy creating green biomass such as leaves. Think mainly of evergreen plants of which the leaves are eaten, such as lettuce, basil, cabbage and spinach. The nutrition is also suitable for vegetable garden plants in the vegetative stage of their development.

*  Due to the Control Union certification Vegetable Garden - 1 meets the strict requirements for the biological agriculture. This makes the product also suitable for everyone who likes to grow biological at home. 
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