B'ounce 18.5 x 18.5 x 6cm

Atami B'ounce is a pressed substrate that consists of a mix of coconut, consisting of coconut grit, coconut fiber and coconut kibbles. All ingredients are buffered and rinsed, so Atami B'ounce can be considered as a pure substrate.  The ideal surface is reached, because the coconut of the Atami B'ounce is different in structure.
The coarser pieces of coconut ensure that the coconut mixture remains sufficiently airy, so more than enough oxygen can reach the roots. The oxygen has a favourable effect on the (rapid) development of a healthy and strong root system. 
The somewhat coarser pieces of coconut also ensure good drainage. The fine particles of coconut (including the fibers and the grit), on the other hand, act like a kind of sponge and therefore retain the moisture longer, so that enough (nutrient) water remains in the substrate for the plants.
Merk Atami
Stile di coltivazione Cocco
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